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About Crime

If there is one thing that people will love to see, it is peace and order. But sadly, we live in a world where crimes exist. And as much as we want it gone, it always seems to creep into the shadows and endangers lives and living in society.

Crime can come in different forms. But all sorts of crimes negatively impact the community we live in. Here are some of the impacts crimes have on society:


One thing that crime can strike people is fear. When there is a high crime rate, you will feel uneasy. You will fear for yourself and your loved ones. When there is fear, even walking the street can be a struggle. When there is fear, you are limiting the things that you can normally do. You take extra preventive measures to guarantee that nothing bad will happen.

Physical and Psychological Effects for the Victims

If the crime is violent, it can cause physical injuries and trauma to the victim. Imagine the ordeal that they have to go through because of the presence of crime. When you become a victim, there is anxiety and depression may also occur. You will lose trust in people and in the community you are living in.

Costs and Inconvenience

Small crimes like theft or damages to property can lead victims to lose money or vehicles. They need to spend on the repair. If a society has a high crime rate, people will find it hard to stay there. Thus losing the livelihood of the dwellers. Crime will also lead to low selling or no selling of properties at all in that area.

Do We Really Need a Security System?

Security means a lot to us. In the real sense, we all want security to be safe by all means from robbery, violent attacks, fire accidents, terrorism, bomb attacks, abduction and killings. It is concerning that crime rates are mounting every day and most of us find ways to fight back crime and secure our safety. We are more concerned now about the importance of being secured wherever we live.

Security protection

As criminals get more aggressive, there is no house or place which is safe nowadays. We look to secure at our places of concerns by installing basic lighting systems or if possible with a modern security system. Perhaps many will still ask why we need a security system. When you look at the local statistics for crime in your geographical area, you will understand the reason to have a security system.

Electronic security systems provide the solutions we need to safeguard our safety. Different security setups are available to us, electronic security plays a major role in helping people protect what matters to them most. Electronic security helps prevent any untoward incident from happening and can identify and deny entry of unauthorized persons to areas of concern. If your place is protected by electronic security equipment, it safeguards your safety in many ways.

Investing in electronic security is worth your money. It is one of the cost-effective ways to get you, your assets or your business the needed protection. Basically, setting up an electronic security system will provide you with external and internal protection from burglars.

Crime Fighter Careers For Criminal Justice Degree Holders

The popularity of superhero movies proves that people do love crime-fighting superheroes. Perhaps you secretly fancied to be a superhero but figured you didn’t have the superhuman power to become one of them. But you don’t need to x-ray vision or superhuman strength to fight crime, you just need a criminal justice degree to have the unique opportunity to get a job as a real-life equivalent of the mythical superheroes and crime-fighting good guys. 

Here are some exciting criminal justice jobs you can start with a criminal justice degree:

FBI Agent

Police patrolling the city

You often see FBI agents in action movies. They track down the criminal masterminds, international spies, leaders of organized crime networks and wanted criminals. FBI agents undergo tough mental and physical training to achieve the skills they need.

Homeland Security Agent

The job of homeland security agents is to make sure that both ingoing and outgoing travellers are safe and secure. Also, these agents ensure the safety of country borders, airports, seaports and other waterways. They can also handle international affairs and national security initiatives from locations overseas. 

Private Detective

Private detectives work on mystery case solving. They are keen to detail and clues to solve a wide range of mysteries. Private detectives clients include private companies, individuals, and even legal firms to look for the mysterious culprit.

Police Officer

The job of police officers is to make sure the cities, towns and suburbs are safe from criminal activity. Their primary functions are to protect people and property, at times they help controlling traffic, patrolling neighbourhoods, responding to emergency calls, writing citations, delivering warrants, arresting violators and doing incident reports.


While the job of a firefighter is different than law enforcement professionals who fight criminals first-hand, they have a different enemy to deal with. To stop fires that can destroy property and take lives, they need to undergo training and gain extensive knowledge of fire-fighting chemicals, technologies, and procedures.

Some of the criminal justice jobs mentioned above can get you started with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or related field. 

Different Forms Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is the illegal use of the computer to promote deceitful activities like child pornography, stealing personal identification data or violating policies of any association. Most of the illegal activities happen through the Internet. 

There are many victims of a cyber attack. With technological advancement, criminals can easily conceal their identity physically or virtually over the internet. The attacker works remotely and very challenging to locate. Here are some forms of cybercrime.

Protect yourself from cybercrime


This is when cyber criminals find access to any individual’s confidential information stored in the system’s database or organization from a remote area. The real owner may not have any idea that his confidential information is getting hacked by another person. The hacker uses specialised software for such activity.

Cyber Stalking

Just like the real stalkers, but done online. This online harassment happens when the victim gets a series of unwanted online messages or emails.


This major form of cybercrime involves transactions and other banking-related services. The criminal hacks sensitive information like username, password and credit card information to withdraw money or to purchase items online without the real owner knowing it.

Copyright Violation

Simply put, illegal work happens when someone published articles or content owned by other people. Illegal activities that may come under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games and software.

Malicious Software

Malicious software or malware is actually a computer code that can partially or fully hijack your computer. Once it runs successfuly in your computer the criminals can quickly obtain any sensitive information or can damage your data.

Child abuse

This is a ver serious cyber-crimes involving children from online abuse and exploitation. The criminals attacks minors by chat or emails for any adult or pornographic act.