About Crime

If there is one thing that people will love to see, it is peace and order. But sadly, we live in a world where crimes exist. And as much as we want it gone, it always seems to creep into the shadows and endangers lives and living in society.

Crime can come in different forms. But all sorts of crimes negatively impact the community we live in. Here are some of the impacts crimes have on society:


One thing that crime can strike people is fear. When there is a high crime rate, you will feel uneasy. You will fear for yourself and your loved ones. When there is fear, even walking the street can be a struggle. When there is fear, you are limiting the things that you can normally do. You take extra preventive measures to guarantee that nothing bad will happen.

Physical and Psychological Effects for the Victims

If the crime is violent, it can cause physical injuries and trauma to the victim. Imagine the ordeal that they have to go through because of the presence of crime. When you become a victim, there is anxiety and depression may also occur. You will lose trust in people and in the community you are living in.

Costs and Inconvenience

Small crimes like theft or damages to property can lead victims to lose money. They need to spend on the repair. If a society has a high crime rate, people will find it hard to stay there. Thus losing the livelihood of the dwellers. Crime will also lead to low selling or no selling of properties at all in that area.