Different Forms Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is the illegal use of the computer to promote deceitful activities like child pornography, stealing personal identification data or violating policies of any association. Most of the illegal activities happen through the Internet. 

There are many victims of a cyber attack. With technological advancement, criminals can easily conceal their identity physically or virtually over the internet. The attacker works remotely and very challenging to locate. Here are some forms of cybercrime.

Protect yourself from cybercrime


This is when cyber criminals find access to any individual’s confidential information stored in the system’s database or organization from a remote area. The real owner may not have any idea that his confidential information is getting hacked by another person. The hacker uses specialised software for such activity.

Cyber Stalking

Just like the real stalkers, but done online. This online harassment happens when the victim gets a series of unwanted online messages or emails.


This major form of cybercrime involves transactions and other banking-related services. The criminal hacks sensitive information like username, password and credit card information to withdraw money or to purchase items online without the real owner knowing it.

Copyright Violation

Simply put, illegal work happens when someone published articles or content owned by other people. Illegal activities that may come under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games and software.

Malicious Software

Malicious software or malware is actually a computer code that can partially or fully hijack your computer. Once it runs successfuly in your computer the criminals can quickly obtain any sensitive information or can damage your data.

Child abuse

This is a ver serious cyber-crimes involving children from online abuse and exploitation. The criminals attacks minors by chat or emails for any adult or pornographic act.